Randy Aung is a practicing HR Professional with over 4 years of HR Experience with major corporations. He created Randy Aung HR Solutions in order to help individuals reach success and help organizations reach their objectives. Randy believes in the field of HR and wants it to be successful in the years to come.

Who is Randy Aung?

Are you not getting job offers because of your interview skills? Let Randy help coach you to answer those tough questions and coach you to land that job!

Professional and students know how hard it is to get noticed when finding a job. Let Randy help you edit your resume to maximize your chances for success!

Learn how to get a job in HR from Randy Aung. He will share his personal experience to get you on the right track. Together, we can help boost your career to success!

Randy Aung is a certified HR professional with a Masters Degree in HR and over 5 years of HR Experience. He is dedicated to helping others succeed. Whether your a student new to finding a job or a professional who needs their resume edited, Randy Aung HR Solutions is your partner in reaching your goals.

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